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Easy Belt

Easy Belt is the innovative product of Alfabelts, at the forefront in the field of conveyor belts.


Easy Belt is the result of our constant commitment in development and research that allows us to provide our customers with highly competitive products.

Easy Belt combines a network of spiral modules with a coverage that varies according to the requests of the specific customer and the final application sector.

Why Easy?

Its simplicity of joining, installation and repair, thanks to an innovative system that it doesn't need the use of presses or special equipment, it allows to significantly reduce the replacement times, downtime and staff, with a net saving on final costs.

Lower costs, not only for the assembly and repair process, but also for the quality of the product itself and for the durability of its materials and components.

Easy Belt completely replaces not only the classic conveyor belt, but also the traditional joints, which often compromise the performance of the belt itself and the industrial machinery on which it is repaired.

  • Easy Belt is a unique product, because it is easy to apply, replace and join.
  • Easy Belt is an innovative product because it reduces downtime.

Easy Belt is a cutting-edge product because, thanks to a kit and clear and simple instructions, it does not need qualified personnel and can be repaired or replaced directly by the end customer.

With the support of one of our experts, Alfabelts will guide you from the design to the determination of the type of Easy Belt that best suited to your specific needs, thanks to the infinite and customizable combinations of this fantastic product, able to find application for any type of industrial sector.

The benefits of Easy Belt.
Reduced machine stoppage times
Assembly and repair rapidly
Maximum customization